Repair your hangover to bounce back quick

Go out and have fun. That’s what your body is for!

Just don’t forget to take care of your face after a night with little sleep or heavy drinking.

A lot of men wonder why they aren’t able to drink water or Pedialyte and tighten their puffy face over a few hours. It takes too long for those nutrients ingested through your stomach to reach your outermost organ - your skin! What’s worse is that the longer your skin is deprived of vital nutrients, the more genetic damage is done as skin cells replicate with less than a full deck.

Enter the Hangover Repair Kit by American Boy Club. Our products are designed to immediately start undoing the effects of your late night PLUS aid your skin in its one natural healing and replication process. 

Besides the obvious benefits our vitamins and peptides have for cellular health, the quick hydration formula reduced the amount of time your skin is puffy and bloated. It’s important to reduce puffiness quickly because it can stretch the structure of your skin and create deeper wrinkles over time. 

So let’s fix it! Use our Hangover Repair Kit to stop worrying and keep partying! 

The product page has more information on how the ingredients work and how to use the 3 items in the kit.