Three active ingredients do the most to change your skin

American Boy Club’s ‘ABC’ acronym represents vitamins A, B and C. These three vitamins — when combined with complementary peptides and beneficial acids — work hard beneath the surface of your skin to activate your cell’s functions. 

Therefore, the ABC’s of looking younger and spectacular every day is an exercise in relying on nature’s own products — with just a little bit of science in our formulations.

Vitamin A:

This powerful vitamin helps to speed healing, treat fine wrinkles, clear up photodomage and reduce epidermal pigmentation. Vitamin A can rejuvenate the top two layers of your skin, for a deeper, longer-lasting benefit. It also acts as a natural moisturizer to arm your skin against stressors.

Vitamin B:

Vitamin B — specifically B12 — is a key nutrient for cell reproduction. When applied to skin, it fights inflammation, dryness and acne.


Vitamin C:

Perhaps the most powerful of the three vitamin’s, vitamin C does wonders to guard your skin from damage in the first place. It shields dangerous UV rays and contains antioxidants that seek and destroy free radicals in your skin that would otherwise lead to unhealthy DNA mutations. You will see improvements to skin elasticity (your skin’s ability to stretch rather than fold and cause wrinkles) with the L-ascorbic acid active ingredient in American Boy Club products.

So how do I choose the right vitamin for me?

We make it easy. All of our skin care kits contains all 3 super vitamins. They are biologically stabilized and complemented with active ingredients that are designed to achieve the outcomes you want most.

The ratio and routines differ a bit based on whether you want to reverse the clock on your age, bounce back from a bender, or look luminous for a night out or a date.

The sooner you start a treatment, the easier it will be to fight the environmental stressors your skin faces each and every day.