What's the difference between a serum, a gel and a cream?

Viscosity and concentration of ingredients are the two biggest factors in determining whether a formula is called a serum, gel, cream or lotion. 

Serums are the least viscous (less dense and more watery) but also have the highest concentration of active ingredients. Serums typically are used to target problem spots on your face to achieve the most rapid results. 

Serums penetrate into deeper layers of the dermis to supply vitamins and create healthy skin from the inside out. 

Gels are a thicker consistency than serums but less viscous than creams. Gels are water-based, so they absorb better than lotions and have an excellent hydrating effect. They don't contains oils, so gels work well for people who have normal or overly-oily skin. 

 are more viscous than serums and, for some people, are more easily applied as part of a routine. Creams are typically used to cover a larger area of your face and neck. American Boy Club creams are blended with vitamins, peptides (and in the case of our Age Defiance Kit -- the skin-regenerating miracle ingredient retynil palmitate) 

Lotions can come in different viscosities and can be as dense or somewhat less dense than creams, but are more dense than serums. Lotions tend to be have fewer active ingredients and less concentration of vitamins and peptides. They generally are applied to the large swaths of the face and body.

While lotions can have a positive therapeutic effect on the skin, American Boy Club offers the more effective serums and creams in order to quickly deliver the promised results in our kits.

Our pre-built routines combine serums, creams and gels to ...

• Defy aging (Includes 1 serum and 2 creams)
• Repair hangover effects (Includes 2 serums and 1 cream)
• Impress on a night out (Includes 2 serums and 1 gel

In summary, you can rest assured that each serum, gel and cream we send you have simple application instructions printed on each bottle -- so what we call the formula shouldn't get in the way of building an easy daily skin care routine.