Stuff happens. We're here to help!

How soon will I get my order?

You will receive email updates on your shipment for the following stages of delivery:

  1. When you place the order
  2. When package ships
  3. When package is out for delivery in your area
  4. When package is delivered to your mailbox

My shipment tracking status hasn't changed in a while

A 'package acceptance pending' status means your order is picked and wrapped and a courier is on its way to drop it off at a nearby post office.

It is not a cause for concern if this status doesn't change for a few days. Sometimes USPS will accept bulk shipments and not scan each individual package until it reaches the destination post office. Your order may be further along than that status suggests.

I'm afraid my order is lost in the mail

Rest assured, we are actually notified by USPS if this happens and will let you know right away. Shipments very rarely get lost, but if yours does, we will reach out to ask if you'd like us to re-ship or refund. 

My tracking number reports a delivery, but I don't have a package

Please first verify that your address we have on file is 100% accurate. You can find it in the first order confirmation email. 

Check the mailbox. Most packages we send will fit and USPS typically delivers them to mailboxes, not doorsteps. 

Did anyone else in the home pick it up? 

We can call USPS to help track it down if none of the above apply. Please contact us here.