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Hangover Repair Skin Care Kit

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Men go out. It's what we do. Don't hide that beautiful mug if you're reeling from a late night. 

Our creams and serums don't mess around when it comes to cleaning you up after some fun. 

Use this kit to bounce back the next day like you never even went hard. 

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  • Hydrate cells with hyaluronic acid and complex vitamins for younger-looking, plump skin 
  • Fix eye bags with triple peptide action to reduce puffiness, dark circles and to promote thicker, tighter skin
  • Detox red skin with powerful antioxidants from paeonia flower extract


Step 1

Apply our lux Detox Nightwear Cream to your full face.

Step 2

Lightly dab our Eye Corrector Serum underneath and around your eyes.

Step 3 

Gently rub our rose-scented Pro-Repair Serum on the rest of your face (avoiding the under eyes where you've already applied the Eye Corrector Serum).



Detox Nightwear Cream

What it does: It's a lightweight smoothing formula that visibly rejuvenates skin texture and nourishes your supple skin with an abundance of vitamins.

The nightwear cream not only visibly improves the appearance of your skin's texture, but also helps even its tone. Paeonia Flower cleanses skin for a radiant and dewy glow.

Enriched with our exclusive natural lavender scent, the cream enhances the skin’s ability to recharge during the nightly resting process.

Eye Corrector Serum

What it does: Ignite your body's natural ability to recover from inflammation by minimizing the appearance of creases, dark circles, and puffiness around the eyes. The Eye Corrector Serum fights the appearance of fatigue, aging, and photodamage and leaves skin hydrated and smooth, providing dramatic results.

The triple peptides in this serum activate surface renewal to address concerns commonly found in more mature skin. These proteins result in visibly thicker and tighter skin around the eyes. This advanced serum also helps to give an illuminance to reduce the appearance of dark circles.

Pro-Repair Serum

What it does: The Pro-Repair Serum features a star ingredient, Hyaluronic Acid.

HA is not just a trendy filler, it’s naturally produced in the body and is capable of holding 1,000X its weight in water, in turn replenishing moisture that is crucial for younger-looking, plump skin.

Pro-Repair Serum’s exceptional hydration gives you that glow for visibly younger-looking skin. It hydrates and pulls moisture from the air to keep skin hydrated.

This unique formula combines HA and complex vitamins to revitalize and rejuvenate skin, helping improve the appearance of smoothness, firmness, and elasticity.

Your sexy + Our science


You have one body. We have one planet.

Our entire product line is ...

• Cruelty free

• All vegan
• Gluten free
• Paraben free
• Sulfate free
• Silicone free
• Eco friendly

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