Fireball shots did something unholy to his skin. But a special acid undid the damage

There's nothing wrong with imbibing in party bevies, as long as you know the price.

It's a tough lesson for Kevin, who used to be able to put several back and bounce back the next day -- until he couldn't. 

Kevin was invited to be in wedding party for his best friend Joel, who was finally tying the knot with the love of his life. 

The night before, Kevin made a toast at a very lit rehearsal dinner, and was encouraged to drink ... several ... fireball shots. 

The speech went over well. The hangover ... not so much. 

When Kevin awoke the next morning, he was shook by the image he saw in the mirror. His skin was ember-red with inflammation, and he even spotted some flakey peeling. This was not the look he wanted folks to remember him by in the wedding album. 

Luckily, Kevin had been using the Hangover Repair Kit from American Boy Club, and he knew JUST the serum to correct his face within hours. 

The Pro-Repair Serum instantly went to work on Kevin's problem spots after a quick and gentle rub. 

His dry and irritated skin received an overwhelming rush of hydrating ingredients. The star among them is Hyaluronic Acid. 

The miracle acid is naturally produced in the body and is capable of holding 1,000 times its weight in water. it replenishes moisture that is crucial for younger-looking, plump skin.

Pro-Repair Serum’s exceptional hydration gave Kevin his youthful glow back, as it constantly captures moisture from the air to keep skin hydrated.

The unique formula combines Hyaluronic Acid with complex vitamins to revitalize and rejuvenate skin, helping improve the appearance of smoothness, firmness, and elasticity. In other words, perfect for making lifetime memories no matter what happened the night before. 

Kevin confidently stood in front of hundreds during the ceremony as he helped usher in Joel's new life chapter. As with any man confident in his skin, Kevin was sure to lean into to the photo-worthy moments that would bring joy to Joel and his new husband for many years to come.